What If...


WHAT IF ... You could nourish your connective tissue, joints, & bones while accessing the deeper parts of your mind? ...You could calm your nervous system and enhance your energy at the same time? …You could practice meditation and yoga simultaneously? …Your active practice could be more fluid? …You were able to sit with more comfort and ease? …You could have a more open body and quieter mind? ... What if you could practice with Master Yin Yoga Teacher Bernie Clark while Cindy is taking a break from teaching Yin Yoga in person???

Cindy is an internationally recognized Yin Yoga teacher.

She has studied Yin Yoga with Paul Grilley, Bernie Clark and Josh Summers.


Cindy Vannoy and Yin Master Bernie Clark in Vancouver, B.C. at Yin Yoga Teacher Training.

Yin Yoga


Yin Yoga is Yoga for the joints, bones, and connective tissue/fascia. Yin Yoga promotes healing and wholeness by increasing one’s natural range of movement, joint mobility and flexibility. Most postures target the spine and hips, are done while seated or lying down, and are held in stillness for two to five minutes. The goal is to gently stretch and rehabilitate connective tissue while improving the flow of prana or chi, the subtle life force essential to overall well-being. Practicing Yin Yoga can prevent the slow shortening and stiffening of connective tissue throughout the body due to injuries, neglect, aging and lifestyle. Come explore this quiet yet profound practice. It’s a wonderful compliment to an active yoga practice or lifestyle.